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Frequently Asked Questions

How many languages do I speak?

I speak Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, English.


Where I live?

I live in Lisbon, in the Benfica area, close to the Monsanto Forest Park. I live in Lisbon for 3 years.


Where am I from? How did I learn Portuguese?

I'm from Ukraine. From the city of Poltava. I am married to a Brazilian. I learned Portuguese in Brazil.


How long do I keep customer photos?

Do not worry about that. For 8 years of my photography work, I kept all my clients' photos. There have already been cases where it was necessary to re-send the photos to customers.


How do I do my image treatments?

I do treatment in Adobe Photoshop. Portrait I treat more capricious. But even at this moment I ask with customers. We are all different. Someone prefers to remove all blemishes from the face, someone doesn't. I prefer to ask all the details.


Am I giving RAW-file?

If you want - yes. Please don't tag me later in the photo. And don't say something is wrong. These are raw photos. I have a camera set up for me. In Photoshop I created Actions specifically for my camera, your Actions will probably not work with my files.


How and when will I receive the photos?

After selecting your photos, the processing time will take up to 3 days. The faster you choose, the faster you will get the photos. You can trust the selection to me, then you will get the photo faster.

I submit the photo for selection in the size of a preview with numbers. You need numbers the photos which you like.

The photos have already been processed and sent in high definition by google drive or flash drive (depending on the package) in person or by mail.



If you have chosen a package where photo shoot outside Lisbon, if necessary, I can arrange a transfer. The displacement is done in my car. The car is comfortable. If you have children please let us know. I don't have a chair.

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