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My name is Anna. 

If you're on my page, it means you're thinking about a photo shooting. There's good news! We have something in common - a love of photography)) 

I would love to work with you. But please check out my work on Instagram or here on the website first. You can see all the sessions in the Client Area or take a look at my portfolio. Thank you. This is very important.


I've been working as a professional photographer for 8 years now. I love photography. At this point in my life, I love to photograph tourists (couples, families, solo outings), small weddings, I can do baptisms too.

I love meeting new people, showing them around Lisbon, Sintra, or Porto. And of course, doing photoshoots!

I share my energy with my clients who leave inspired after the shoot and say "we will do a photoshoot every trip"! Hearing that is priceless! 

I have developed my style over time, so there were no surprises in the process. From the price list, I've removed "customer selection of photos" because no one chooses, but trusts this function to me. And how true that is!

You come to a photographer because you like their photos! It's much more enjoyable to enjoy the whole product - to see the finished photos!!! And even better, a photo album! 


So, book your date! See you at the photoshoot!


My achievements:

Trained in artistic retouching with Russian photographer Karina Kiel.

Studied photography with Australian photographer Kelly Barun and video with Courtney Holmes.


Took 3 photography courses in 2021 which made my photography better.

- Nature portrait photography for Instagram

Elena Palau Arvizu's course


- Theory of color in photography

Yaopi Yong's course


- Lifestyle and Travel Photography

Julia Nimke's course



There are photography awards, check out the winning photos.

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